no one will ever understand my thoughts.

at the end of the day everyone deserves to be happy.

I wish memories never existed

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I know there’s something more.

I pretend to be angry and mad at you, so the pain of missing you isn’t so severe.


i don’t fucking want to but I need to


i don’t fucking want to but I need to

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What is love?


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Kindergarten friend

So „, where to start Hmm.

- I would like to say that you’re an awesome friend!

Through the UPS and downs we’ve been trough you stuck through even though you hated at one point …. hhaha

I like how our lives are so separated apart but yet we SOME how manage time to meet up to grab something to eat and catch up. :)

Okay.„ So I believe it was the summer of 08? when I met you on the phone …. -_-;;

Honestly, my first impression of you was weird. I’ve never talked on the phone that long with someone I never knew and the fact that we were gonna see each other the next day made it seem more awkward… heh. Although I tried to vividly come up with an image of how you would have looked, it was an major Fail. But as I walk into church the very next day I was greeted in an very excited way. haha and that is where I believe our friendship started.

As weird as it can get, till this day you are by far the weirdest girl I have ever met… :)


I like our “let’s grab lunch and talk” days.



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